Happy New Years 2020!

happy new years 2020
Mimosa flight

Goodbye to 2019

Happy New Years 2020! Which means it’s time to say goodbye to 2019. Last year, my Husband and I decided that we’d forgo alcohol for all of 2019. It was an idea my Mother-In-Law had, and we decided to join her. For me, it was no problem at all, as I’m not a very big drinker. My Husband John though, loves his Corona after a hard day of working, be it on the house, or his day job.

The only time I missed alcohol

On the other side of town from me, is a restaurant called The Egg Bistro. I’ve never actually eaten there, because I have a 4-year-old son that acts like a heathen in public. On their brunch menu though, they have a mimosa flight that allows you to choose 4 of your favorite flavors. I love champagne, and I’ve been wanting to try this mimosa flight for more than a year now.

Mimosa Flight

A huge thanks to Walmart and Juicy Juice, for their large selection of champagnes and fruit juices. For the main ingredient, I went with Barefoot Bubbly’s moscato spumante champagne. Because I haven’t had any alcohol in 365 days (boozy tequila chocolate bark doesn’t count right?) I decided to only choose 4 flavors of fruit juice. From left to right in the photo: white cranberry peach, regular orange juice, strawberry kiwi, and mango. All were delicious, but my favorite is the mango.

Drink Responsibly

Happy New Years 2020! Please drink responsibly, and drive safely. You are loved and would be missed. You have many great options with which to choose from. Every year, AAA offers free towing with their Tipsy Tow campaign. You can also utilize Uber, Lyft, or your friendly Designated Driver to all get you home safely.