Finding Cookie Decorating Ideas Anywhere

Finding cookie decorating ideas can happen literally anywhere. Recently this Holiday season, I was shopping at the Dollar Tree with my four-year-old. I prefer to grab little toys there, because in true 4-year-old boy fashion, he’s going to destroy that toy within 6.3 seconds of arriving home. When you enter the store, you’re bombarded with holiday goodies and crafting supplies. We walked through the crafting supplies on the way to the toys, and there I found one of my cookie decorating ideas.


cookie decorating ideas
The idea I took for my snow globe cookies

The Dollar Tree has these adorable DIY ornaments that look like upside-down mason jars. They carry DIY snow globes as well if you have inkling towards a more rounded traditional globe. Next to the ornaments, they have fake snow, and a nice selection of figurines. I decided the snowman was ideal, and went with that.

At home, I already knew I was going to use my mason jar cookie cutter from Sweet Sugarbelle for these cookies. I got to work making the cookie dough, rolled it out, and started cutting.

Decorating the cookie

Most of my sugar cookies contain layers of royal icing. These snow globes are no different. I outlined and flooded the base, and painted the globe blue. After the paint was dry, I added more flood on top for the snowbank, and snowman. The next layer was to add snowflakes in varying sizes. The finishing touches are drawn with my Rainbow Dust Food Pen that I purchased from Amazon.

snow globe sugar cookies
The completed snow globe sugar cookies

Completed snow globe cookies

Finding cookie decorating ideas at the Dollar Tree, allowed me to create these fun and whimsical snow globe sugar cookies.

On a slighty different note, I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw some adorable gingerbread stickers. I snapped a quick photo, so that I can use it as inspiration for next years gingerbread men.

Photography pointers

I leave you today with this parting gift of a inside look at how I achieved my finished photo. Have you ever looked at someone else’s cookie or food photo and wished you can put together the same look? I do this often, and I’m going share with you some little secrets. I purchased poster board from Walmart that has a wood grain design on it, and taped it to thick cardboard. At Hobby Lobby I purchased a bunch of random twigs of seasonal decorations such as pine cones, pine branches, red berries, etc. I purchased this tablecloth from Joann, and I just now saw that it’s on sale for under $3! Such a steal! I took a wine glass from my cabinet to place a focal cookie on top. Lastly, I used a large diffuser that I had on-hand from my old photography hobby, that diffuses the harsh light.

photo set up
Photo set up

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  1. Your post was so informative!
    Thanks for sharing some of your secret tips, and where to buy the supplies with us all. ☃️
    Btw… your mason jar snow globes are adorable! Seems a creative person can find inspiration anywhere. 😊

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